7 Benefits Of Developing A Website With WordPress (2)

To add a new page on your WordPress, scroll over the ‘Pages’ tab on the left-hand side WordPress wordpress site slow dashboard. Now go to Pages, and edit your Gallery page to add the image gallery. Add New and search for Broken Link Checker. Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin designed to monitor your website for broken links.

The first thing you need to do in order to check your website for broken links is download the Broken Link Checker plugin. When you website has a broken link, meaning the link to the content is not working, it typically displays a 404 Error to your website visitors. This can happen because old links are no longer good, something went wrong when you connected the content to the link, or the page you are linking to simply doesn’t exist anymore. Luckily, there is a really simple tool to help check your entire website for broken links so that you can take care of them in the best way you see fit.

High Quality Services: These companies help you in creating high quality WordPress websites. This is because this platform based on PHP and supporting MySQL has evolved immensely to give users an easy to operate yet high performing CMS system. This platform is not at all suitable for beginners. But, it has evolved over the years into a very futuristic platform that not only helps create amazing blog sites, but also powers full fledged websites with all the features that are required for businesses and large enterprises.

  • I cannot delete old posts or pages, I just receive an error message
  • When you find the WordPress folder, browse to “wp-content”
  • Replace WordPress’ Core Files
  • Once setup, visit your site to check your newly integrated subscription form
  • Backing Up and Migrating Your Existing WordPress website
  • Modify the PHP file upload limit

Both platform both has their benefits in the own rights. If properly utilized the benefits are endless. Today we are going to take a look at the free, and very popular, Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin and see just how easy it is to stop sabotaging your SEO efforts and your user’s experience. This team has years of working experience in the field of CMS development in Australia and delivering best in class business solutions to industry-specific diverse businesses.